Calm is Fast.
Triathletes that are new or nervous swimmers often suffer panic attacks during races.
This is primarily because triathletes train in pools which offer a very tidy and controlled swimming experience
which bears little resemblance to the rigors of triathlon racing.

On race day they discover (usually about 5 minutes into the swim) that their preparation has put them in a
precarious position.....

Their preparation has been a house of cards that comes
tumbling down in a hurry when the gun goes off...

Your heart is thundering with adrenaline, you can't
find any water to swim in, there are arms and legs
everywhere and you can't get any air. You may hyperventilate
and resort to dog paddling or worse, are immobilized
by fear.

Most triathletes survive experiences like this, but the traumatic memories hinder their progress in the sport and
turn an activity that is supposed to be fun, into a terrifying ordeal.

Fearless Swimming exists to prepare everyday people for triathlons of every type and distance with a
combination of with classes, private lessons and coaching programs that will build a sturdy tower of triathlon
racing confidence in every athlete that comes to us.

Our clients keep coming back to collect more bricks for their towers.
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